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Rickmers Fleet

The Rickmers fleet includes containerships, multipurpose vessels, car carriers and bulk carriers.

Rickmers Fleet

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Jobs at Sea

We are taking care of our seafarers by offering them careers at sea from cadet level right up to senior level. We are interested in long-term cooperation with loyal, motivated and educated seafarers who feel they belong to the Rickmers Family.

Our crewing policy:
  • Rickmers is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its seafarers and promotes a culture of acceptance among different nationalities on board.
  • In order to generate trust between employers and employees we pay competitive wages, offer long-term contracts of employment and training as well as other incentive schemes.
  • Rickmers is committed to the development of high safety standards and quality as well as a strong corporate identity.
  • Rickmers regards all ranks and positions as essential for the operation of its vessels. Rickmers is particularly committed to supporting masters, officers, petty officers and ratings by providing appropriate training and delegating responsibility.
  • The success and welfare of the Rickmers Group depends on the outstanding performance of each employee, therefore we expect loyalty and dedication from everyone.